Summer Racing Plans

While I’m still trying to figure out the final direction of the site, I wanted to take a moment to explore the “runner” side of my person. I’ve been running since my Junior year of High School. I ran all through College, and have pursued the sport even after I graduated.

I’m not good. My times are below mediocre at best, but it’s something I enjoy. The training, racing, the people, it all shapes who I am. That being said, I try to make myself a season every year. A series of races that I hand pick to train for. This not only gives me structure for my training, but things to look forward to as well.

It helps take my mind away from the work day grind, and gives me a chance to do something fun on the weekend (that is my idea of fun!).

That being said, I have a few goals I would like to hit for this next block of training. I’ve been racing 5k’s in my last few buildups, and feel it’s time for a break from that event. My focus will be on a Fall Half Marathon, an event I haven’t raced in over 2 years. While I’ll certainly race some 5k’s leading up to it, the goal will be the Half. I might document some of my training here. It’s not spectacular, but it’s real. I’m a real, mediocre person, with a full time job, trying to be a better athlete.

Make sure to stay tuned as I sprinkle in training updates, and race reports. Hope you’re all doing well, and feel free to leave me requests for what kind of content you want to see here!




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